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Home Elevators

A Home Elevator from California Home Elevator provides what you as a customer expect, - a return on your investment.  When we install a residential elevator in your home we know you can expect a significant increase in your home value. A home elevator is one amenity that provides both luxury and convenience. Experience tells us, with a California Home Elevator, you will benefit from your elevator today, tomorrow as well as when you sell your home.

  • With virtually no limits to the interior options available we can provide solid-wood interior panels of birch, alder, maple, cherry, red oak or mahogany. With several panel design and styles each elevator we design is custom built specifically for you and your home. Optional glass side walls and skylights available.  We can even integrate your home lighting fixtures into the elevator.
  • With our options in fixtures - you can select brushed or polished stainless steel or brass, oil rubbed bronze, vintage bronze, anodized black, as well as etched and specialty finishes. Check out the specialty fixture brochure on the link.

When it comes to installing a residential elevator it involves more than a do it yourself  kit and trying to install it yourself or with a handyman. California Home Elevator is a fully licensed, fully qualified company who specializes in home elevators.  We have full time sales, service and installation crews.  We are all factory trained to meet your needs.

If you are looking at a new construction project, we highly suggest getting us involved with the project from the design stage.  We work with your designer, architect and contractor to ensure the best fit, style and design for your home elevator.

Whether you are planning a new home construction or a remodel, working the elevator into the plan is a straight forward process. Typically the elevator shaft can take up the same space as a walk-in closet, and, for some elevator systems, an additional machine room is also needed.  There are two basic drive systems that cover about 80% of the home elevators installed in the U.S.  The counterweight chain drive or the Inline Geared Drive and the Hydraulic drive systems.

Regardless of which kind of residential elevator you choose to install, safety is always important. Every one of our elevators are installed with the following safety features : Safety interlocks on interior doors, phone in the cab connected to a direct phone line to call in case of emergency, a backup battery system to allow the elevator to operate during a power outage;  in cab emergency lighting, and alarm.

One of the best ways to ensure proper operation and to maintain safety is to utilize the Preventative Maintenance Plans offered by California Home Elevator.  The manufacturer as well as the Elevator Safety Code maintains an inspection should be done every six months by your California Home Elevator service department.

Luxury Redefined

In short, we are a team of professionals, each keenly aware of the importance of your business to the success of our company. At Abbey Home Elevator, our business philosophy is simple: We are happy when you are happy. We have assembled the absolute best team in the business, we take pride in and enjoy our work, and together we are ready to serve your family’s needs.